Schettler, Jeff

Jeff Schettler

Jeff Schettler is a retired police K-9 handler who worked for the City of Alameda and County of Amador in California and was attached to the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Teams’ K-9 Assistance Program for two years. This program was designed to locate and apprehend high-risk fugitives on the run. Jeff has worked hundreds of trailing cases across the United States and is a specialist in the areas of tactical tracking applications. He is considered the foremost authority on tactical tracking.

He was a certified military trainer, graduating from the prestigious U.S. Army’s Leadership Academy, also known as Drill Sergeant School. He currently trains police officers, military, and search & rescue handlers around the world in the art of K-9 trailing. Jeff raises and trains manhunter K-9s that are working for law enforcement agencies across the USA. They are famous for their human find rates and are much sought after.

Jeff writes for law enforcement & military K-9 magazines, K-9 Cop Magazine and Police K-9 Magazine. He is also the author of these popular books: Red Dog Rising, K9 Trailing: The Straightest Path, Tactical Tracker Teams, and The Tao of Trailing.


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